Thursday, 20 April 2017

Off to the dentist

Today was a travelling kinda day were my lovely wife and I had to make the trip down to the dentist. The ride down wasn't that bad as was the ride home. I've learned the secret to driving in traffic... let my wife who has the patients of  a saint take the wheel. 

One thing that hasn't changed for me is that I am a horrible passenger. I don't know what's worse the death grip on the chicken handle while trying to look all calm and collected or biting my tongue trying not to make comments about the person being the wheel who has my life in her hands. To add to this quandary is that I can't really close my eyes because I get motion sick. Actually lucky for me my wife is a pretty good driver. 

Just looking at these made my mouth water.
It was good seeing the gang at the dentist. I'm lucky to have found these guys so long ago they are funny and caring with genuine concern about their patients well being.  

One  of the other things I like about visits to the dentist is after we are done we make to visit to a deli that's a stone's throw away. It's a good old fashioned German deli with all the good stuff including sweets. I could not resist picking up a box of Topkuss choco puffs. They are just a wonderful confection that will send a guy's sugar into low earth orbit. While we were there we also picked up the fixings for a nice German dinner which is on the stove as I write this.

A nice thing about not driving is I can photograph
all the pretty colours.
Once the deli was picked over to our satisfaction we hauled butt for home. By this time rush hour had started so the drive wasn't as quick as the tone coming down. 

Another reason for the slower drive was the rain. While we were in getting teeth cleaned the clouds opened up and  the world was subject to a downpour. Well it is April after all and on the plus side the showers in April, so I am told, lead to May flowers.
This is my kinda traffic. One minute from home.

Well we are home again, dinner's almost ready so I will end this here and now. Until tomorrow bye-bye.

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