Thursday, 13 April 2017

Not all horses are horses, some are zebras.

Yesterday was a long sucker with little sleep the night before. Last night was a lot of sleep with little rest because of bladder venting so today I feel like crap.

We went down to the big city yesterday morning, leaving a little after nine for a twelve fifteen appointment. Why so early since the drive in theory should be an hour and a half? Two words... traffic and construction.
Ironic the car/truck drivers pay for the roads and the
bicyclers have more rights. 

Nothing like being stuck in traffic behind a truck belching
black smoke every time the driver hits the gas.
When we arrived at the hospital the search started to find someplace to park. It wasn't as hard as I thought it wold be, just a little pricey. In our little town parking at the hospital is around ten bucks for the day and people bitch. Yesterday we paid twenty five bucks for off site parking and felt lucky. 

Once in the hospital we threaded our way through he maze and upon arriving at the final destination I presented the lady at the counter my sheath full of CD's and documents. Then it was hurry up and wait with occasional flurries of activity. For example I was directed to get an x-ray, never mind I had one from a week before. So after getting into the hospital "show the world your ass" gown  I had two technicians try to get me to go into various rooms for the x-ray. Then it was back to waiting. 

They finally took me in for the procedure with the first step being seeing a nurse and answering some questions. Then the doc came in and we chatted about the stone. Next thing I knew I was whisked into the  room where the deed would be done. Hooked up to all sorts of wiring and tubing then it was off to la-la land. 

I was rousted from my slumber around forty five minutes later and whisked off to recovery for a little food and drink. The nurse asked my my preferences for beverages and I chose water. She asked why water when they had pop available. I told her I only drink three kinds of beverages... water, coffee and whiskey. Since coffee and whiskey were not in the cards water was the only choice left. 

They called my wife in and we were debriefed. I wanted to know how well the procedure had worked. The nurse looked me in the eyes and gave me the answer... The didn't know. In a very few percent of the cases the stone will not break up and my stone was in that percentile. The stone may have cracked into chunks and was held together by the proximity of the kidney or it may have cracked without being broken or it may not have broken up at all.

So now I get too see my doctor again in a few weeks and get x-rayed again. If the 6X9MM stone is still intact, I get to go through the procedure again. If the second go don't work they sharpen up the knives... 

Well I'm going to relax today and think good thoughts. To think otherwise will only lead into despair and depression. As a doctor told me years ago not all horses are horses, some are zebras.

Until tomorrow, bye-bye. 

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  1. Yeesh. Hope everything comes out as painlessly as possible.


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