Monday, 3 April 2017

Monday just ain't the same and that's a good thing

Monday, once upon a time, was a day that I so totally hated. It meant after a nice relaxing weekend I had to get up early and head off to work usually in the still of the night. Actually that's not right, where normal people had one Monday a week every second week I had two. No I didn't have some weird calendar, it was because I worked twelve hour shifts. This meant my "week" was three and four days long and included working every second weekend. The result was my "Mondays" happened more often than most.  

This past weekend was a good one with my wife and I actually having a social life. Ever so slowly we are coming out of hibernation. Saturday we went and met our friend S at a little nineteen fifties style diner in town for some brunch, coffee and conversation. The main topics of conversation being spring, gardening, renovations and the weather. S is a serious handyman kinda girl which is good. I've seen way to many people over the years who haven't a clue about which end of a nail to hit with a hammer for my liking. I have helped her with a few tasks since she moved in but it wasn't because I'm better with tools, it was because I'm a little stronger than she is.

Then on Sunday we were off to a cousin's place for dinner and drinks. Our cousin J and his lovely other half L live in a nice river side home that they moved into last year. Through no fault of anybody we hadn't managed to make it over to their place since they moved in. The weather was nice enough for us to be outside BBQing in the sun. We talked about their new place on the water and they had two boats to our zero. We've been invited to come out boating when the weather gets nicer. We talked about how we are going to play more golf this summer than we did last year. In reality we talked about a whole plethora of topics and it was nice. During all this one thought came to mind, it looks like my wife and I are moving up in the world of friends. Our friend S has a nice place in town with a pool for those hot summer days. Cousin J has a big pontoon boat to get out on the water with, ah life is good with the promise of great things to come.

Now the weekend is over and, as the old joke goes, it's time for everybody to get back on their heads. As for me, I'm going to get some work done outside if the rain holds off. I want to start loading the trailer in preparation for a dump run without killing myself in the process.

Until the morrow, bye-bye. 

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