Monday, 10 April 2017

It's the little things that trip a guy up

The morning running around went off with only a pair of minor blips. When I got to the Doc's office the test results were there which was good. The blip was that nobody had thought to call me and there was no instructions to fax the paperwork to the hospital where I'm going. It's all good I got copies of the tests to take.

Then it was off to see the folks who had taken an x-ray last week. I got to their location, made the request and showed the nice lady at the counter the requirement from the hospital. The nice lady looked at my paperwork and told me she couldn't give me a CD copy of my x-ray because I could not provide the name of the doctor I was going to see. I asked why and was told it was out of privacy concerns. I looked at the person behind the counter and reminded her that the x-ray was of me so this really wasn't a privacy issue. She thought it over and had me put the name of the hospital where I was going on the paperwork instead of a doctor's name.

Then I paid a visit to the hospital where I had undergone a CT scan. I showed the lady behind the counter my paperwork expecting reasons why this would be an issue. She smiled at me and told me to have a seat and it would be ready in five minutes. A few minutes later I was walking out with the CD.

So now I wait. It's just two more sleeps until I head to the big city and they take care of this infernal stone.

Until tomorrow, bye for now.

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