Monday, 24 April 2017

It must be spring, the frogs can't be wrong

This past weekend was as nice as a guy could want. Sunny skies, mild enough for a guy to be without a jacket, all in all it was nice. We got a good start on the garden with clearing out a lot of the left over winter crap and corruption. I took numerous trips to the compost pile dragging the cart, which was full to the brim, by the lawn mower

It's nice to have a hoist so I don't have to bother
removing the deck.
The lawn tractor got a bit of babying. I had it up on the hoist and took the blades off and gave them a few passes with the bastard file. I was surprised, I thought there would be some serious dings in the blades from all the stuff I hit while cutting the lawn but they weren't in bad shape.
One of these days I'm going
to have to spring for some
real files.
After dinner last night I rounded up the trash and got it all ready. With the trash all bundled up and the recyclables sorted I muled  the stuff to the curb. While I was outside I stopped for a moment and listened to a chorus of frogs. This was a sound I had not heard since last summer and I missed it. Well if the frogs are out and sounding off it must be spring.

Well today, as per the weathertainers, is going to be a nice one so I'm going to be doing yard work. Even though I took great pains dealing with the leafs last fall there's still a lot of them on the ground.  

Will post more if anything of interest comes up otherwise I'll post tomorrow. Bye for now.

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