Wednesday, 5 April 2017

I'm calling it

Woke up to a lovely spring day after a decent sleep. Breakfast and coffee done I set out to get a couple of chores out of the way. First up was contacting a few people and letting them know about an event we are hosting. Of course since the main call was over to Germany the call failed. Most likely it was an issue with our old clunker of a wireless phone. It wasn't that big a deal I sent them an email and I hope they can respond soon. 

I then called and chatted with big bro W and sis-in-law S. I let them in on the date of our little event. I always like calling those guys because being the wild and crazy guy I am I tend to have a little fun with the chatting. 

I gave my wife a peck on the cheek when she went out then grabbed a bite to eat. After lunch I took a look outside. The snow was all gone from around the house. After a whopping deliberation of around thirty seconds I said the heck with it and called spring. I figure with not a flake of snow on the ground anywhere plus The Masters starting tomorrow, calling spring was a safe bet. 

Look... NO SNOW!!!
With spring being called my main chore for the day was to put the snow blower to bed. I went out and flashed it up and motored it to the back shed where it will stay until needed in the late fall. Once it was at the back shed before putting it to bed I checked the engine then changed the oil. I flashed it up one more time and motored it into the shed. Once inside I didn't turn it off I closed the gas line and let it run on the fuel in the line. Once it sputtered to an end I closed the doors and walked away. 

Until tomorrow, that's it from me.

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