Tuesday, 18 April 2017

I dodged a bullet...

Yesterday was a good day by all accounts. After I posted the daily blog I went out and loaded up the truck with the summer tires. Then I was at the personal confuser on Twitter because I was way to early to leave. Before I knew it the time to depart had come and I was outbound. While the truck was in the shop I told my guy about the turn signal/dash light issue. The service guy took the truck and put it on the hoist and I went to grab a little lunch.

While I was munching away I get a text from my wife. The doc's office had called and of course I was out at the shop. The paperwork I needed was in the truck which was on a hoist. I told her I would go over to the doc's office when the truck was finished. I finished lunch and went back to the shop. The truck had the summer tires on and the tech was looking at the wiring. Seeing it was ten to four and four o'clock was the closing time at the doc's office I retrieved the needed paperwork from the truck and hoofed it to see the doc. Lucky for me the doc's office was only a short distance away.

I got there with a few minutes to spare and told the kind lady at reception my tail of sadness. She, in turn, gave me the paperwork I needed for another x-ray and set up an appointment. I bid the lady a fond farewell and hoofed it back to the shop to get my truck back.

When I got back the the shop I chatted with the tech who had worked on the truck. He told me that after I left he had tried to start the truck and had a problem. Oh good I thought, when I walked in I thought the bill was going to be simple and small now I was starting to have the sinking feeling this was going to cost big bucks. So the tech tells me one of the ignition wires had been chewed ninety percent through by mice and when he took the lead off the it had fallen apart. So there I was listening for the “and the extra cost of this is” punchline. The tech told me he salvaged the wire by doing a splice so it should be good, smiling he said I had dodged a bullet. Then the tech told me the light issue in the truck was the trailer wiring junction box. With the age of the truck he figured that I would ask for it to be bypassed which was what he had done. He then offered to order a replacement and told me he or I could do the install. It took a moment to realise I wasn't going to be paying an arm, leg and torso for all this. Another problem I thought was going to be serious bucks and was surprised to learn it wasn't.

Now the trailer wiring junction box is top of the to-do list because I need the trailer sooner rather than later. Being the cheap... er, frugal guy I am I'll do the install myself. With that in mind I'm going to accompany my wife this afternoon to the semi big city. While she gets here stuff done I'm going to pick up a replacement. If the weather is OK when we get home I'll install it. If not then I will do the work when the opportunity comes.

Well that's it for now. I'm off to the races as it were. Until tomorrow bye for now.

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