Friday, 7 April 2017

He who laughs last...

Yesterday the weathertainers were sounding the alarm for another significant "weather event." According to them there was a snow storm of epic proportions bearing down on the area where I live. The call was for around two to four inches of the fat fluffy flakes. I wasn't too worried, just the other day I was out in the bright sunshine working around the yard. In fact I called it, I said spring is officially here. 

Little did I know that my statement seems to have offended some deity or other.

Yesterday as the weathertainers chirped their same tired old dire warnings about the snow I looked outside. Sure enough it was snowing. I made a few cracks about the weathertainers to my beloved wife and we had a good chuckle. 

Looking out I saw the snow but I had no fear
Around five this morning I woke up feeling a need to visit the little boy's room. The house was still and dark while the wind howled outside. It took a few seconds for my thick tired brain to wrap my head that it was too dark and quiet. Normally there is some light thrown off from a hallway LED night light. Yes I have a night light, OK. I'm at the point in life where I would rather take a bit of ribbing about using a hall nightlight then breaking something like my neck in the dark. 

A little bit of white... meh...

I visited the little boy's room and when I was done I didn't flush. For those readers who are lucky enough to have town water a power outage is no big deal. As for us country folk no power means no water. I figured on dragging out the emergency water later when I got up would be the best option seeing how I didn't want to disturb my wife. 

Sooner or later this will melt.
So who is laughing now?

As luck would have it my world returned to the twenty first century just before I got up at eight when the power came back on. After going through the bathroom ritual I went downstairs and opened the back door for a look outside, everything was white. I guess that with enough guessing even the weathertainers can hit a bulls-eye once and a while. As I was closing the back door, I swear I could almost make out soft laughter in the wind. Who said God doesn't have a sense of humor?

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