Sunday, 9 April 2017

Getting older doesn't mean getting wiser

After Friday's "I'm not dead you" comment by father winter the weekend turned out not to be so bad. By late afternoon on Friday the four inch dump of snow was mostly melted from the road and driveway. By this morning we are back to spring has sprung. 

My side yard on Friday evening just before sunset

Yesterday we went out for a bit to a home show in town. Why? Because it was an excuse to get out of the house. Before going over I texted our friend S who met us there. It was fun tromping around and talking to the vendors, all seventy or so of them. One nice thing was seeing a Costco booth set up. I took the opportunity to renew my long overdue expired membership. After this we grabbed some lunch and caught up on the various goings on in each others lives.  

Lunch done my wife and I were off for home. Just before I turned into the driveway my wife commented that one of the small trees has fallen down and was particularly in the road. So after parking the truck I thought it over few a few seconds and went to the workshop and grabbed an axe. I could have gotten the chainsaw but the last time I used it the chain was in a dire need of being sharpened. Then there was the fact I had put the chainsaw away with aome fuel in the tank so I had no idea if it would even start. I went to the base of the tree and with several mighty blows (30 or 40) I chopped the base and severed it from the stump. 

Then things got stupid...

The tree that almost did me in.
At this point I could have gotten the truck and tied the tow strap from it to the tree then dragged the tree into the driveway to deal with it at my leisure. But nooo... The tree had a six inch base and was only around twenty feet long so I grabbed an end and dragged it to the driveway. Well let me tell you that tree was a little heaver than it looked. 

Once in the driveway I took a break to give me chest a chance to slow down then I limed it a bit and then dragged it into the back. Oh my goodness, was I ever reminded that I wasn't a teen any more. I thought that my heart was going to reenact that scene in Alien where the alien pops out of that guy's chest. Well on the bright side if I was going to have a heart attack that would have been the time. 

Today I am going to do what I should have done in the first place. I'm going to use the sawzall and cut the tree into manageable hunks. I remembered the sawzall while I was in my chair wheezing after wrestling with the tree. Another thing I remembered was that in a few months I will be sixty three years old, not twenty three years old. The days of doing foolish stuff like this are at an end. Time to work smarter and be a tool user, not be a tool.

Until tomorrow, bye bye.

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