Friday, 28 April 2017

Diffrent day same thing...

The alarm chirped in my ear this morning and being the caring husband I am I gave my lovely wife a nudge and told her it was time to rise and shine. She was the one who wanted the alarm to be early not me so I made her get up first. We were up a little earlier than normal because, yet again, there was a doctor's office to visit. The difference this time was that eyes were the specialty for this Doctor. 

Within an hour it was shower, shave and shove off time for the two of us.

Another day, another Doctor's office... sigh.
Once we were at the eye doc we settled in. There we were me reading the news on my cell and my wife looking at various girly magazines and reading the signs. I have to say these posters looked a lot better than checking out male genitalia. First my wife and then I were called in for the tests. These tests are for things like glaucoma which was fine, then it was in to the office to see if new lenses were needed. After this the Doc wanted a look inside the eyes so it was time for those damn drops. After that was done I switched to shades and boy I was happy to have had those sunglasses with me  

It was a good news bad news visit. On the good side the cataracts I have are not progressing rapidly so no need for worry there and my vision is actually improving. On the bad side the prescription has changed so I needed new glasses. This time I'm simply going to recycle the old frames by ordering new lenses and having them installed. I'm also doing this with the shades. My wife is same old, same old with her glasses so I'm the one costing the bucks. We were laughing over lunch about how times have changed. When we were still working this visit would've been six or seven hundred bucks each. Back then it was important to have the latest styles so even with no changes we would have had new glasses, well those days are gone. 

On the drive home as we passed a friend's house my wife noticed our buddy B was outside so we swung in for a quick visit. His wife S was inside so we went in and chatted for a while. It's always good seeing people you haven't seen in a while and these two are ones we have missed seeing. My wife is very fond of S and I think B is one of the guys that fit the very definition of cool. Now that hibernation season is over and done we will be seeing more and more old friends. 

Well I'm home now and there are things to do so I will end this right here. Blogging resumes on Monday, until then have a good weekend and bye for now.

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