Thursday, 27 April 2017

Deja vu all over again

The trip into town was nice with the tunes playing in the truck and all the windows down. The only thing missing was the wind whistling through my hair. That would be hard to do since I'm all but bald. Let's just say that most newborns have more hair on their heads then I do on mine. 

Nothing like waiting in a
Doctor's office and
looking at male genitalia.
When I got to the Doc's place I parked and went in and it was Deja vu all over again. I was a couple of minutes early and sat twiddling my thumbs for a half hour. Bad day on their part with computer issues and such. I went in and when the Doc appeared I asked the only question on my mind, what was the final result of the procedure? Drum roll please... he looked me in the eye and said the words I really didn't want to hear, the stone had not broken up or moved. Damn. So in a few weeks I'm off to the big city hospital to get zapped again. Hopefully this time will be the charm. 

When I got home I admit I was a little down in the dumps about this development, or lack thereof. To take my mind off things I took all the interior windows off and stored them away in the basement. Then I changed the air filter on the furnace. All the while thinking about the stone. I figure it is what it is, the stone will be destroyed on the next go round or it will not. No matter the result, life will go on.   

That's it for today, I'll post again tomorrow. Bye-bye...

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