Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Coffee run...

I just got back from a trip to the wannabe big city. The original game plan was to do some work in the garden and on the lawn today but it was overcast and I really didn't feel like it. My wife got invited over to one of the neighbours for tea so rather than sit on my hands or play tiddlywinks, I grabbed the truck keys. 

The trip down to and back from the coffee place was mostly uneventful. 

One of the area farms.

On the way down and back I noticed another strong sign that it's spring, the cyclists are out and about. I came across one who was pretending he was driving a car as opposed to being off to the side in the children's area. Eventually he got out of the way and I was able to resume driving at the posted speed limit. I'm not a fan of these guys because they tend to be so holier then thou. A note here to all those who own and ride bikes. I don't have anything against you so long as you remember this one thing when you are riding. It's not the brightest thing to piss off the guy in control of two tons of screaming death who has the option of turning that two tons of screaming death into a weapon. The law may be on your side but in the end all that means is you will be dead right. 

The kind of bikers I like, off to the side not being a pain.

One thing I love about going to the coffee place is the aroma that smacks you right in the nose when you enter the shop. The folks who work there are in the unfortunate position of being nose blind to the coffee smell which is a shame. I got the same stuff I normally do as opposed to my wife who is a little more adventurous than I am. had a little chat with the lady behind the counter then hauled butt for home. 

This is where our coffee comes from. It's so much
better then the stuff you get at the big box stores.

The homeward trip was as nice as the trip in with only a few encounters with the bike people. The only thing that could have made the ride a little better would have been some blue sky. I ain't complaining mid sixties and no snow sure beats a foot on the ground an minus ten any day.

Well now that I'm home it's time to grab a bite and relax. Until tomorrow, bye-bye.   

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