Tuesday, 25 April 2017

A rainy day in April

We managed to get a lot done yesterday. I cleared up a lot of the leafs and other assorted debris from around the big pine and from the front of the smaller garden. One lucky thing was finding the pin I had lost the day before. I had fears that one of these days I would hit it with the lawn mower. My wife is showing a lot more resilience than I thought she would. I know with the back issues she has she is always in pain but she managed to clear out all the crap from the little garden. 

My little workhorse behind which is the little garden
where my wife has been toiling.

Today the clouds have moved in and a short time ago it started to rain. I'm not a fan of working outside in the rain and that goes double for my wife, Today the objective is to get the storm windows off and the screens on and I'll do that after lunch. Aside from the windows my game plan is to relax.

Goodbye until tomorrow.

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