Monday, 27 March 2017

Yipee it's Monday

Didn't really do anything this past weekend. Thanks to the intermittent bouts of snow, rain and freezing rain I didn't even get out to buy some lottery tickets. This drastically reduced my odds of winning from one in a couple of million to zero. In other words I would've had a better chance of getting hit by lightning twice on a sunny day. But if you don't play the game you have no chance at all.

I was going to try to get down to the bike show this past weekend but that too fell through. I announced my plans to go and was told in no uncertain terms that I was not to (a) buy a bike or (b) to put a deposit on a bike. So being the good little husband I am, I chose to stay home, as opposed to wasting my time, and secretly brood about it. I'm starting to think there is a conspiracy headed by my my wife to see that I never get another bike. I've spoken too by several people who are bike owners or former owners, all of whom say don't do it. Could it be there is some sort of secret society, a kinda anti motorcycle Illuminati that my wife runs? I'll have to think about that. 😉

Soon the weather will get nice and they will be back.
After rereading the above, I think I should write a bit of an explanation here in case you are wondering if I'm going to go find a warm tub and a razor blade. I'm not depressed, I'm suffering from cabin fever. I just want the weather to clear and warm up so I can get out and get things done that I've been planning to do. Speaking or rather writing about getting things done, I'm off to the wee small town for a few items that I will need in the coming days. 

That's it for me today, be seeing you.

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