Thursday, 30 March 2017

Two more check marks on the list...

This will arrive in a short while.
This morning I hit the ground running, things to do and places to go as they say. I was up at the ungodly hour of seven thirty and out forty minutes later on a quest to tic off a pair of items from the hospital list. I could have done it a little later but there's some "active weather" heading our way. The weathertainers have put out a weather statement about this storm and the likelihood of snow, freezing rain and rain. All they were missing from the statement was an admission that Planet Nibiru was going to visit.

Since I'm not a fan of of driving in nasty weather anymore and these items were time sensitive, I had to get my buns in gear. It's tee minus thirteen days until I get the kidney stone zapped and there's a time delay from when the tests are done and when the results are in. Add to this the prerequisite that the tests not be older than three weeks and we have a small time window to get things done. 

The line up curse* was evident this morning. When I arrived at the first stop on the magical mystery tour there was a full house. At that time there normally isn't a soul around. It was a pain in the butt but not really a serious issue. Where I thought it would be ten minutes it took around a half hour. Big deal, I'm retired and have the time. Besides it was fun chatting up the nurses. 
There was a meeting and these guys decided to make sure
about getting to the X-ray place before me.
Next stop was to get an X-ray done. I listened to my wife and went to the place where she has gone before because "there's never anybody there. " I got there just in time to be struck by the line curse again. They have six rooms so my wait wasn't that long but still... 

After that was over and done with I headed for the barn and some breakfast. I was hungry since I had not eaten. After I left the first stop I realized I had been an idiot. I'd fasted for the tests which I didn't have to do. Like Pavlov's Dog I've been programed to fast before these visits because every time I go to this place they take a quart or two of the red stuff. This time there was no blood work just urine and an EKG. 

Well now that I'm done with today's blog I'm going to have a little food. Unless something else pops up that's it fro me until tomorrow. Bye for now.

* The line up curse. Every time I have to get in one line or another it always seems that the other line is moving faster. This always happens no matter what line I'm in.

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