Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Spring, day 2...

I was up today at the crack of... well I was up a little earlier than I normally am. The sun was out with the sky being very blue, but in a happy way. I know we are only a day in but it feels like spring. Now having said that I'm sure that by the weekend we will have another bout of snow.

Yesterday I took care of a little chore that was a holdover from the day before. On Sunday afternoon we went into wannabe the big town and did a little shopping. My wife picked up some items that I had forgot on my previous visit. Note to self: start making a list.

One of the things we always pick up when it's on sale is meat and poultry. On this trip chicken breasts were on sale as was stewing beef so we picked up two large packs. After lunch was done I dragged out the vacuum sealer, made bags then portioned out the chicken and beef. After marking down the contents (nothing like cooking mystery meat for a meal) I stuffed the bags and vacuum sealed them. Once this was history the packages of meat were off to the freezer. 
A while back my bro W told me a few of the nieces and nephews have this vacuum sealer technology but don't use it. Silly millennials, they haven't learned yet that it is always better to be food rich then money rich. While you can eat a hundred dollar bill, the plastic currency we use today will not digest well.  

Later in the day my cell phone wrote me a little message. The message from my cell phone told me there wasn't enough space for updates and I got a little pissed. The major culprit was the amount of crap that the maker and cell provider added to the bundle. So I dived into the world wide web looking for a solution. After a frustrating hour or so I managed to root the phone. What that means is that I took control of the phone's guts. Then I proceeded to get rid of the bloatware. Now the phone is running fine and a lot of crap is gone.   

Today is going to be a peaceful one. My wife is off to see her bone breaker and I'm going to take a hike to the coffee shop for... hummm lets see... coffee.

Until tomorrow (unless something worth blogging about comes up) bye-bye.

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