Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Short road trip

Yesterday I crowed about how it was such a lovely day and sure enough last night it was windy, cold and there was some snow. I do hope which ever deity that is in charge of the weather will see fit to let spring finally bloom with consistence.  

When my wife announced that she was off for her appointment in the semi big city I thought what the heck and asked if I could tag along. Earlier that morning I had received the latest flyer from Princess Auto about their latest "block buster mega sale." As it turned out one of the items I was holding off getting was on sale for much less then I wanted to spend. I had been looking for a set of tail lights for the new/old trailer that I'm rebuilding. The lights were fifty percent off so I jumped at the chance to pick them up. 
On the way down the traffic was light which was a good thing. Even though the weather Gods haven't made up their minds about spring the construction people have. Several areas along the highway were under repair which caused the meager traffic to slow.   

We arrived at the physio place where my wife graciously surrendered control of our automobile to me and I took off for Princess Auto. A few minutes later there it was, standing tall and proud, a store cheapskates and do it yourself Red Green kinda guys love... Princess Auto. 

I took this pic while driving knowing full well it would make a do-gooder cry.

I pulled into the parking lot and a feeling of goodness swept over me, I was about to enter a store full of "man stuff." On the way in I noticed they were giving away hot dogs so I promised myself one on the way out. No time for food now, I was on a mission. 

Once inside I went to the trailer lighting area and grabbed a pair of lights, that done it was over to the windshield wipers. I picked up a replacement for the wiper on the driver's side of the truck. When we were coming in to town earlier my wife had flicked on the wipers which made a hell of a noise. Upon closer inspection I saw that the blade was broken and I mentally put wiper blade on my short list of things to get. 

I cruised the isles until the time to go warning I had set my phone went off. I went outside only to find the hot dog give away had ended. Oh well I had got what I had came for so all was right with my world. As it turned out the lack of hot dogs would prove to be a good thing.

After picking my beloved up we made a hasty exit of the semi big city. While on the highway I commented that it would be nice to grab lunch to go at The Burger Pit but it probably wouldn't be open. Ever the eagle eyed person my wife is, as we drove by The Burger Pit she commented there were cars in the lot. Upon closer inspection, or as close as one can do while hurtling down a highway at speeds approaching mach, we noted the open sign. On went the turn signals and the brakes and in we went. 

The owners were there and greeted us with smiles. After catching up with the owners  we placed our order. Once the food was done and packed we took off for home. I have to say they make a great burger with the only disappointment being the end of the eating experience. 

Bye for now, I'll post later if something strikes my fancy or tomorrow which ever comes first. 

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