Wednesday, 29 March 2017

New shiny...

I'm a little late with today's post, my bad. After having breakfast and getting presentable I took the trip down to the outskirts of the big city. The reason for this epic mini adventure was to pick up a new shiny.  

The reason I snapped up the shiny was the cost. Every month I get email fliers from various stores. I look at them for things I can use and when I see something "on sale" and if I have the extra cash I look around the web to see if this really is a sale or just a marketing ploy.  Well last night I got this email flier and took a look and there was the shiny. I looked around and the prices varied from fifty percent higher to well over a hundred percent higher for comparable items. I then looked at the manufacturer's reputation and seeing they had a good rep ordered the shiny. 

The only mistake I made was not having it shipped. The cost of shipping would've been less than the cost of the fuel, time and aggravation for the trip to the big city to pick the shiny up. As for the aggravation, I guess I'm out of the big city offencive style of driving. Several time I was cut off and in one case almost forced into oncoming traffic. When I stood on the horn the lady driver in a Cadillac SUV looked up from her cell phone and gave me the bird.  

One of the projects that I am going to complete is the marking of the electrical panel in the equipment room down stairs. I want to have an electrician come in and install a sub panel that I can hook my generator into for power outages. A leftover from our building the house was that when the electrician installed and hooked up the panel, he never bothered to mark which circuits were for what plugs in what areas. Several times I have wanted to do things and have been stymied by this lack of information and ended up cursing the guy and not doing the project. My fear has been that when it comes time for an electrician it will cost a fortune in extra cash because lines will have to be followed. Well over the next few days I'm going to sort the electric breaker panel out and put that fear to rest.

Warning... Tomorrow I have to go get some stuff done in town and of course there is a "special weather statement" that covers my area and lasts for the next two days. So I may post a little later on the morrow than I usually do. 

Bye for now


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