Monday, 13 March 2017

Lots of running today

I was in bed rather early for me last night, having crawled under the covers around eleven in the PM. I turned in early because today is going to be a "non stop running around" kind and I had to be up early. Of course my subconscious, kidder that it is, had to get me up at a little after four. On the plus side I managed to get the trash out on time for a change which means the trash guys will be late. 

Today I get to head down to the semi big city and see two, yes two, doctors. First on the hit parade will be a cardiologist. While visiting him I will do a stress test where my ticker get to thump at one hundred and fifty beats or more a minute. On the plus side, and there is a small bright side to this, if I have the big one I'll already be at the doctor's office.  

Once the Marquis de Sade has finished with me if I have time I'll grab some lunch then its off to my family doctor. Once in his clutches I suspect, after he tells me the state of disrepair I'm in, he will read me the riot act. Then I shall spring on him the test requirements that the hospital has decreed I have done before the bolder sized kidney stone gets zapped in a few weeks. To say I'm looking forward to being rid of that stone is an understatement. 

I see over the past few days I've been guilty of neglect regarding posting links so here are a few for you to enjoy. 

A long time ago I read a novel called Dune written by a gentleman named Frank Herbert. The whole plot revolves around control of a planet (Dune) where a product called spice is produced. Little did I know that in reality there would ever be a product called spice being produced with all the bad to go along with it.  

I guess that when it comes right down to it I don't have the trust in my fellow man to do this

I guess the cops have to get their last licks in before pot becomes legal but in my view their actions stink.

While I'm glad they caught this guy, this should never have happened in the first place. If this woman had been my wife the guy who used the crowbar would never live to see trial. Oops, was that my outside voice? 

Throw popcorn on me will ya? Well I'll show you... BLAM!

So this is the guy you can thank for all the goodness of the world wide web. Mind you he thinks the WWW can be improved and I agree with his view. 

I was curious to see the results so I did this and was very surprised to find malware on my phone.  

Got to run, things to do doctors to see...

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