Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Long distance, next best thing to being there

As it always is the drive up to Parry Sound was uneventful. It was a chance to clear my mind for what was to come. When I arrived at the club there was only one other person in the whole place. I was lucky he had already put the flags up and the warning signs out. 

I drove up to the firing point and off loaded all the assorted paraphernalia that is needed to make holes in paper from a long distance. It was a good thing that I had brought an extra sweater along because, while the weathertainers said it was mild, for me it was still chilly. 

Looking at a long
walk back to the
firing point.
It's along way to
the 8"X11" targets
I started busting caps at the twenty five yard point and only had to go through a pair of magazines (20 rounds) before I was happy with the rifle's zero. Then it was over to the one hundred yard point.

From there I put around eighty rounds onto the targets. The only issue I had was the long walk from the firing point to the target stands. There was still a fair bit of snow/slush on the ground that made the trek arduous.

It's hard to describe what happens when I'm target shooting. There is a sort of calm that descends upon me. Outside of playing golf this is the only time I seem to focus on the task at hand at the expense of everything else. I like longer range target shooting but our club is limited to 100 yards max. I guess that for me one hundred yards will have to do. As for how well I did, you can judge that for yourself. 

10 round rapid fire at 100 yards
5 round slow fire at 100 yards

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