Friday, 31 March 2017

Apocalypse deferred

Well the weathertainer's latest apocalyptic event has come and gone. We were to get a dump of snow and the dump we got totaled about a half inch on the ground. The freezing rain that was to be the cherry on top of the cake, didn't happen nor did the rain. There wasn't even enough snow to cover the driveway. But ignoring their warnings is at your own peril I guess. I can remember storms as late as the end of April where we were slammed with almost two feet of snow.

One thing about all this I do find funny is the attitude of the weather prognosticators. They can't accurately predict what the weather will be in a week let alone tomorrow yet they preach about what will happen in thirty or forty years with global warming.

Today I'm going to busy myself in the basement Earlier I had started to get things tided up and a “oh look a squirrel” thing happened so the job wasn't finished. I figure in two weeks, depending upon how the operation goes, I'll do a dump run so now is the time for me to get all the crap ready.

As always if something interesting comes up I'll blog about it. Until tomorrow bye for now

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