Thursday, 23 March 2017

All is quiet on the northern font

I just got in from checking the mail. Nothing new in the mail box, just a sales pitch for my wife to renew a magazine subscription. Right now all is calm, I'm alone and will be for the next hour or so. The missises has gone to another appointment in the semi big city and I chose to stay home alone and enjoy the peace of being alone. 

My poor lawn
Snow ain't gone yet
Outside it's a nice sunny day but even with the sun beating down from overhead it's still on the chilly side. The temp right now is a whopping 1 degree Celsius. Looking at my lawn, yes with the melt I now have lawn, I see it's going to need a little work. In a week or three I'll hit it with some grass seed and a little fertilizer to green it up. For now, brown or not, I'm just happy to see it and know the snow is going away inch by inch. 

After this blog post is put to bed as it were, I'm going to put on a parka and sit outside and enjoy the sun. It may be a little cold out but only in the wind. I'll be on the deck in a sheltered spot sipping a hot tea and reading my book. I figure there will be projects a plenty when the snow is all gone in a week or two so I might as well enjoy the quiet time while I can. 

For now all is quiet on the northern font. If anything comes up I will post and if not I'll see you on the morrow.

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