Friday, 10 February 2017

Two More Sleeps...

I started to move
and got "the look."
This morning I was awake early. The sky hadn't gotten to full daylight but there I was, awake. Nestled into my side was our cat, Puttie Tat in a sort of symbiotic moment. Puttie was getting heat from me and I was liking the feel of the cat nestled into my side. Sooner then I wanted to, I was up and starting the transformation from Thag the Homo Erectus into a modern day Homo Sapien. Well if you talk to my lovely wife, not that modern since I haven't shaved in a week.  

It's only two more sleeps until the "Boys politically Incorrect Adventure" begins. Yesterday I was out and picked up the most important piece of equipment I'll need, a fishing license. While I was out I also picked up a few other things but the license was the big one. Nothing puts a damper on an outing like having everything you have in your possession being taken away by the authorities. 

After the ladies leave I'll be going through the mound of gear that I'm taking to see what is OK and what's not. Then I'll be outbound, down to the semi big city for coffee and a few other things like the food I am planning to bring on the trip As a sideline, if I need to I'll drop into Cabela's. Oh who am I kidding, I'm going to drop in and have a look at some stuff. Thag like looking at man's stuff.

Today,s Links
You would thing of all the professions a police officer would know the difference between the glaze from a doughnut and methamphetamine. Needless to say the copper was spoken to. No word it the victim will take the copper to court. 

Tonight's a big night with a universal triple threat - a comet, a lunar eclipse and a full moon. This evening looks to be spectacular except for the issue of overcast and 80% chance of snow. Sigh...

Lately I have taken to calling folks out when articles are posted on Twitter that look sketchy. The reason I've taken to doing this, aside from the fun aspect, is because of the amount of fake news that's out there. For example there is this site. On the surface it looks fine with well written commentary. The only issue is the reported authors of these stories were not the ones who wrote them. 

Being a science fiction kind of guy these stories attract me. While the prospect of there being a serious contact taking place is slim, what these fools want to do could have very nasty ramifications for the human race. The one thing they are forgetting is whenever an advanced race has met a less advanced race the less advanced race usually perishes. 

Ok this is downright strange, cool... but strange

Looking south to the land of the free and the home of the brave. Their leader, who is totally focused on an "America Jobs First" outlook, has the goal of bringing jobs back to America. The only issue is the majority of jobs haven't been outsourced overseas to people, they've been outsourced to machines. So even if the manufacturing is brought back jobs will not be created. 

Well there are things to do and places to go so that it for me from up here North of Disorder.

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