Tuesday, 7 February 2017

They're here!

The alarm on my little phone went off at the crack of eight in the AM and, of course I rolled over picked up the phone and turned off the alarm. Then I laid there for  a few minutes. The few minutes became twenty so I figured it's time and forced my frail old body to leave my cocoon of comforters. I placed my feet on the ice cold floor and bam I was awake. 

They're here!
After putting on the old bathrobe I went down stairs and fired up the fireplace and thought about getting the coffee started. A movement in the corner of my eye caught my attention, the furnace guys had arrived! I raced back upstairs and quickly got dressed. My wife shrugged into jeans and tee shirt faster than me and showed them where everything was. After I managed to skin into pants and sweater I went down to offer my two cents worth of comments then they got to work.

Time passes...
Install in progress

The two furnace guys have been working at a steady pace all morning. Looks like they'll be done in a couple of hours. As for me, I'm looking forward to rejoining the twenty first century. Maybe I'm soft but I like the ability to have heat on demand. This trying to heat a large home with a simple gas fireplace and a couple of heaters is for the birds. I know, it could be worse.

Looking at the new unit I can't help but be amazed at the progress of furnaces over the past sixteen years. Out old furnace was high efficiency rated at 92% and the cost was well over four grand. This one is roughly 25% smaller, puts out the same amount of BTU's and is 96% efficient. All this and the cost was around 30% less than our old furnace. Progress, got to love it.

Well that it for today from me. Once they are done I will post more* but for now my main objective is to stay warm. Signing off from up here North of Disorder.

*Well the furnace guys are all done and my home feels like a nice warm home again. So ends our tale of furnace woe. Something I wasn't expecting was the new furnace is also a lot quieter than the old one.
The new furnace, up and running
  Anyway that's it (again) so bye for now until the morrow.


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