Thursday, 23 February 2017

That will teach them...

I was up and at 'em a little later that I have been these past few weeks. Last night was filled with bad dreams that caused me to force myself awake several times. I'm kinda wondering what is hiding back there in my hind brain trying to get out. Oh well, only time will tell what the issue is and when the issue finally pops up I'll deal with it as I normally do. 

After lunch I went out and fetched the mail. One of the envelops contained a letter from our insurance company about my wife's life insurance. They were a tad pissed because we changed tactics. When my life insurance came due for renewal a few months ago the premium jumped almost two hundred percent. I called the broker who I had got the policy from and asked the good lady to cancel it. Well so began a multi month odyssey which finally led to my having to make some threats of the legal verity with the company ombudsman. This time her premium was going to increase almost two times so we we simply had the bank stop the withdraw of the premium. After reading the letter my wife called and all they want is a letter which I will do in a few minutes. It doesn't matter because they ain't getting any more cash.  

Filling the trays
Only 24 hours to go
One of the things I have been meaning to do for the last few days is get the dehydrator out. I noticed that we had a half dozen tomatoes in the fridge that were on the verge of becoming compost. Being the frugal guy I am I cleaned the tomatoes, sliced them up into thin pieces and put them in the dehydrator to dry out over the next twenty four hours. When they are ready I will put them into bags and vacuum seal them. Then they are off to the freezer and will be used in various Italian recipes.

Well that's about all from me up here North of Disorder.


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