Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Taking care of business

It's been a rather productive time for me. Yesterday afternoon we went to my sister-in-laws place for coffee and to have a look at a new chair for the living room. First off let me say they have a nice furniture set up, just not a lot of it. Whenever they had company out came some rather spiffy lawn chairs. While this never really bugged my bro-in-law S I'm sure it bothered the heck out of my sis-in-law. 

Spring has sprung! Look we have lawn!
After coffee we took off for home. Traffic was a little heavy since yesterday was a holiday and all the good people were returning to their various roosts.  When we pulled into the drive way I noticed  we have a little bit of lawn. I know it's over the septic tank and the heat from the tank melted the snow but I don't care, we have lawn.

Today is one of those mild, rainy days that you would expect in mid to late March not in February. My wife had to go into town for some stuff so I finally dragged my sorry butt out of this chair and into the workshop. The big thing on the agenda was to do an oil change on the generator. I have not had to do one prior to this because I haven't used the machine that much. Before taking it to the fish hut I had only ran it around six hours. 

Take care of the little things and
the little things will take care of you
I have to say it was a lot easier than I thought it would be. The first step was to fire up the Big Buddy propane heater and get the workshop to a livable temperature. While it was getting toasty warm I gathered up the materials and when it was warm enough I peeled off my coat and began to work. The longest bit was letting the oil drain near the end. I had to tilt the unit a bit to get the last dregs out. 

That about sums up the goings on in my life up here North of Disorder. Right  now I'm having this case of cabin fever. It's supposed to me a nicer day tomorrow so who knows I may just get out and enjoy it.

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