Sunday, 19 February 2017

Sunny Sunday

Sun is out, sky is blue
It's Sunday of the long Family Day weekend. The day dawned bright and sunny with more high temperatures in the forecast. Yesterday it hit a high of around 12 deg C (53.6 deg F) which gave me a chance to get rid of some of the ice build up in the driveway. Wielding the ice chipper also had the added benefit of letting me work out a bit. As I write this the outside temperature as per our little weather station is 8 deg C (46.4 deg F) which, once again is way to high for this time of year.

Last night we met our friend S for dinner in town at this nice little pizza place. The food there is what I have come to expect, it was excellent. The conversation was a delight with our exchanging views on any number of subjects. One thing we were in total agreement was that we are not fans of chain restaurants. The issues with the chains are the hast of being served. When I write about the hast, I'm talking about the speed at which they are all over you to order, pushing you to eat and leave so they can get another warm body into that chair. Another other issue is the quality of the food in the chain restaurants. I'm not saying it's horrible, but they tend to over spice especially with salt to hide the food shortcomings. I will also add that, while it's not a huge issue and this makes me look like a snob, you rarely see a ten page wine list in a chain restaurant.

Today I'm once again going to get out and enjoy the sun on my back. I'm going to hack away at the remaining ice in the driveway and, a little later, do an oil change on the generator. It finally got to the stage (in hours) where I need to do that. I used it for an average of nine or ten hours a day for three and a half days and it ran like a champ. But like any machine if you skimp on the maintenance it will fail and the generator is one of those critical pieces of infrastructure that I need.

Well that's enough rambling from me for today. Signing off for now from up here North of Disorder.

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