Friday, 3 February 2017

Strange days...

I was up at the usual time today as opposed to yesterdays before the dawn. The weather out side has been a little on the strange side. When I originally opened my peepers it was grey, overcast and snowing those big fat fluffy flakes. Now, twenty minutes later its still snowing but the sun is out saying it's hello world. Snow squalls make for some strange weather.

This is an example of what I hope will not happen.
The ice surface with the water on it makes things
really slippery and without snow around the base
of the huts it gets cold inside.
One of the things I've been checking these days is the weather for our “Boys Politically Incorrect getaway.” So far it's looking good with the temperatures well below freezing at night and comfortably below freezing during the day. It's looking like there's gonna be flurries every day but not so much that we will be snowed under. Looking at the ice fishing forums on line the folks are all saying the fishing ain't to shabby so after I return hopefully I'll have some good photos. 

Who knows, when I'm there
I might go a little old school
but I doubt it.
As of today it's T minus seven and a half days. Next week I will have to drag out the gear and see what's going on with it. Every year I go through this inspection. It is simply dividing the stuff into two categories, repair or replace. This will not take that long, I really don't have that much fishing gear. After all aside from a rod and reel plus some hooks line and sinkers what else does a guy need, especially a guy with as limited a skill set in fishing as I have? The big things that I can't forget are the fishing license, service the generator, the food I am commented to bring and the paper plates. Well that will mean a little running around but I have time. 

Speaking of time, I have to get going. Things to do, places to go and all that. Until tomorrow (unless something exciting happens) that's it for me from up here North of Disorder.

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