Saturday, 11 February 2017

One more sleep.

Well the running around is almost done for the day. I was up early this morning, sometime around 8, and after the morning evolution it was time for breakfast and most importantly coffee. After my lovely wife rejoined the land of the living and finished with her morning rituals we went into town where I picked up the items that I didn't get yesterday. I was happy to have my lovely wife along because I almost forgot a few items and she acted as my memory. 

When I got back home I started getting stuff in to the truck. I know I'm not pulling out until the morning. I don't want to be screwing around trying to get stuff ready at the last second and it's supposed to be nasty weather wise. Putting the generator into the truck was a bit of a chore but it wasn't as hard as I expected it would be. I know that later my back is going to let me know how it felt about dead lifting 95 pounds. Meh I"ll worry about it later. 

The only things left to do are the final equipment check and pack, packing my clothes and hitting the road in the morning. It should be a good time with the gang and I'm looking forward to it. 

The blog will resume when I have
recovered from the drink.
Since I will be in the middle of nowhere on a frozen lake carousing for the next few days with no Internet access this is it until Thursday evening or Friday morning. It all depends on how tired, ya I'll go with tired, I am when I return home. 

That's it from up here North of Disorder.

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