Sunday, 5 February 2017

Last night was rather interesting

Last night we turned in around midnight after turning off the fire place and unplugging the portable heater in the back washroom. I know that there was very little risk of leaving the heater on but having seen my share of heater issues over the years, I simply don't trust the little bastards. One other thing I did was add an extra comforter to the bed to make it real toasty warm. Then it was off to la la land. During the night I was up a couple of times and when I woke I got up put on a bathrobe and took a cruise threw the house. I know that the chance of something going wrong was minuscule but the years spent as a firefighter taught me how easily things can go south. 

This morning I was up first and in order of importance I got the fireplace and back room heater going then it was get the coffee on and finally feed the cat. While I was downstairs getting these chores done my wife got up and got herself ready for the day. 

Now that I'm up, clean and dressed I wondering what I'll put on the to-do list. The two biggest things are snow blowing a work area for the installers when they come out on Tuesday, and moving stuff out from the equipment room. I am probably going to knock off both these tasks today since I don't want to hold off till the last second only to find there are issues. 

Oh well we shall soldier on until Tuesday, all the while thinking warm thoughts and drinking hot coffee. That's it for me from up here North of Disorder.

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  1. Those little portable heaters can be dangerous and lead to tragedy if left unattended, especially while the family is sleeping. You are a smart man, my friend. I'd recommend investing in a central heating and air conditioning system so you don't worry about those things, keep your mind at peace while you sleep.

    Jodi Bennett @ Marsh Heating


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