Thursday, 2 February 2017

I'm back...

My two day hiatus is done and I'm back. There wasn't anything at all happening the last two days so I took a little pause as it were to rest, relax and recharge. 

Like bees around a hive workers buzz
around my wife's truck.
Today's epic adventure starts with last night. Yesterday was the season premiere of a TV show called The Expanse. Being an "adult themed" show  it was on at ten PM and of course the season opener was two hours long, finishing at midnight. This minor detail was something I had forgotten the other day when I booked my wife's truck into the shop. I booked my wife's truck in for work at eight this morning and last night I didn't sleep that well. If I got more than five hours I'd be surprised. I know, "A little cheese to go with your whine monsieur?" 

Snow has returned.
Today is the 2nd of February AKA Ground Hog day.  Looks like Wiarton Willie didn't see his shadow but Dundas Donna did so we have a draw. I guess this means another thirty one months of the Liberal Government in Ottawa. Oh well one can always hope can't they? 

I was happy to receive a communication of the email variety from brother W about the up coming Boys Politically Incorrect Ice Fishing Adventure. Looks like everything is on track. The owner of the place where we are going has got the huts back on the ice. It's really hard to catch the big one with just dirt under the hut so this is a good development. The menu is published and I suspect pounds will be put on during our stay. So it appears that with a little more than a week to go it's all coming together. 

Looking out the window I see once again that timing is everything. When I got up today and went into town it was just overcast. Now it looks like a frozen hell on earth outside. All in the space of a few hours. I was going to head back into town later but seeing how the weather has turned nasty I'm thinking it's time to resume cocooning. Speaking of cocooning I'm going to log off for now and grab a coffee. Please feel free to resume on your appointed tasks. 

That's all from up here North of Disorder.

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