Friday, 10 February 2017

I made it

After lunch I took a drive into the semi big city. On the way down the weather turned real rough. By the time I got to the highway turnoff visibility was at a bare minimum for my standards. Once I was off the highway my breathing and heart rate came down a bit. One of the issues I faced on the highway was a little yellow indicator came on telling me it was time to top off the windshield washer fluid. With the sloppy conditions and sloppy drivers this was something I really didn't need. I did have enough but with the conditions as bad as they were I stopped off at a Part's Source and picked up a couple of jugs. As luck would have it the washer fluid was on sale.

After that stop I drove to the coffee place and picked up a couple of pounds. While I was at the coffee place I noticed the Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee was on sale. The price had dropped from $45 a half (yes I just wrote half) pound to $39.50 a half pound. I laughed at that and told the owner at those prices it would be better to grind the stuff into small powder and snort it like coke. The owner smiled and agreed and said he was not recommending it to any of his regulars only the rubes on first time visits. 

Back road driving &
 heavy snow falling
I went back out to the truck as the snow fell and thought about Cabala's and after around 30 seconds of internal debate I thought the heck with it, I would do without  if I didn't already have. So I made tracks for home.

As I drove the weather got steadily worse so I decided to take the back roads. I figured there would be to many wing-nuts on the highway. The only thing about the drive was the lack of other vehicles which was a good thing. The only wing-nut I saw was a guy in a 4WD. The driver  charged out of his driveway and punched through a mound of snow his plow guy left. He came very close to hitting me but a miss is as good as a mile as they say. After this near miss I pulled into the first corner store I came to and bought some lotto tickets. 

When I got home, I found that plow guy had blocked the end of the driveway  There was enough snow/ice that I figured the truck would be damaged or get stuck if I charged in. So I parked the truck and got the snow blower, after a half hour I had the opening cleared to get the truck off the road. 

So that, for you, was today's epic adventure from up here North of Disorder.

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