Saturday, 25 February 2017


The fog finally lifted around ten this morning. As for me, my personal fog finally dissipated around a half hour ago when I dragged my sorry butt into a hot then cold shower. Today is an overcast rainy Saturday that has wrapped my soul in a kinda languid cocoon if you will. Later, after I have posted this, I'm going to get out for a coffee. I'm hoping to drag my wife away from her game long enough to go with me but what will be will be. 

Even the cat isn't doing much of anything

Here are a few links to tide you over until something really interesting happens. 

You know there was a time when finding anyone doing this at work was an issue, my how things change. Too late for me though but then again being an old married guy this would never have been in the cards anyway. 

Looks like the trust honeymoon with those in power is finally coming to an end, I'm just surprised that it took this long. 

Back in November of last year the police in Quebec got their knuckles smacked for spying on journalists. Well it looks like the Quebec cops were not the only ones wo were reporting on the reporters, the German BND have been caught spying on news media all around the globe.

The puppet master comes out from behind the curtain...   

I read this and looked at the pics, one very important question came to mind... What does this guy do when he needs to evacuate his lower tract

I find it very hard to believe the Canadian Mint, the organization which prints money the Canadians use, is having a hard time making money.

An interesting take on a very well made adult science fiction movie.   

Have you ever wondered what the price for a human life is? Well Kim Jong-nam's life was worth ninety bucks

Last, but never least, is this link for your awwwww moment of the day. 

That's all from up here North of Disorder. Please feel free to carry on with your day. 


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