Friday, 17 February 2017

Back from the big lonesome

Well I'm back after a boring, exciting, fun filled few days in the big lonesome. 

On the way up to Chilly Willy's it snowed, and when I say snowed I mean it snowed. There were times in the drive where I was asking myself what the heck I was doing because visibility and road conditions simply stank,  but I made it. 

The big lonesome

We all met at this roadside truck stop for breakfast. It was a time of introductions for the new guy and catching up with good old friends. It had been a year since I had seen some of these ruffians and scalawags but for me it was just like yesterday. Ah, we few, we happy few...

Being in the big empty doesn't
mean living like a caveman.
I had to make a pit stop on the way because knuckle head that I am, I hadn't bothered to check the packing list. Of course I forgot one crucial item, an extension cord. I know, what the heck did I need an extension cord for? Well it's very hard to power the electronics (laptop, TV, cell phones etc.) without a means to get power from A to B. A being a generator which I had in the back of my truck by the way. 

Strange enough when I arrived at a little bait and tackle general shop sort of store just before Chilly Willy's, there was the rest of the gang. Turns out while I went on my little side trip they all got stuck behind a set of snow plows doing around 40 or 50 KPH.

We then went on convoy to Chilly Willy's and, after getting things all sorted out, drove out to the huts. In years past when we couldn't drive out it was a real pain in the butt because of all the gear we bring with us so to take our trucks out was a very good thing. 

Our home...
Once we got settled in our hut (No.3) we took the trip over to see how the other guys were doing. All was well but no fish. The no fish thing was going to be a main topic of our stay over the next few days. The fishing during the trip was real slow with maybe a total of 10 or 11 being caught. 

I ended up getting skunked. Sigh... Well I did at least have an assist. On the last evening we were there doing the usual, watching some movies, eating and having a few libations when my bro W's rod took a dive to the floor. Then my bro's second rod takes a dive and W runs and grabs it. Meanwhile I hear a clunk and splash so I turn to check my fishing rod and it was gone. I looked at one of the guys (G son of S) who had sprung up to watch the mayhem and said "Shit! My rod's gone!" So my bro manages to haul in the fish and attached to it was a hook in it's mid section belonging to my fishing rod. The fish had hit my bro's line then ran and got hooked on my line then got hooked on my brow's second line.

The fish, a 2,5 pound pike, that my bro caught was the winner of the pot. One of the traditions we have followed every year is that the person who brings in the largest fish, legally caught, gets $10 from each of the guys. When I say legally caught, well there was this time when one of the guys (as a joke) tried to pass off a frozen salt water fish he brought from a supermarket... But that's a story for another day. 

When it came time to head out yesterday we cleaned up our mess and packed up our stuff. There was a little anxiety on my part because the little SUV I have is not a four wheel drive. The day before it looked like the snow was going to totally block my brother's four wheel drive truck. When he tried to move it to a better location it got stuck so there we were pushing. I had forgotten one thing, while the other guys were driving big trucks with four wheel drives they all had all season tires. I, on the other hand, had relatively new winter tires on my front wheel drive. I'll admit the drive off the ice was a little bit of a white knuckle adventure but I made it.

The drive home was not nearly as bad as the drive up. It was sunny all the way. When I got home I was greeted with an impassable wall of snow and about a foot of the white stuff on the driveway. So before I could enjoy a nice hot shower (me stink) I had to snow blow the driveway and clear away the two foot snow bank at the end plow guy had left. It was all OK, I was home. While I like the fishing trip and love being with the gang, there's just something about being home. 

Well that's about it from me for now from up here North of Disorder.





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