Friday, 13 January 2017


Good morning and happy Friday the 13 to you. For those who suffer from Triskaidekaphobia you have my sympathies now get over it.

Today will be one of those up and down days. The weather has been a little strange (so what's new?) with us being located in "the hole." This means the snow has been missing us for the time being but that could change in a heartbeat.
Today's task
One of the things that tends to happen in December is all the Christmas stuff gets dragged out and put up. No thought is given by me regarding future access so the maintenance room tends to look like a bomb went off. Usually mid way through January after everything has been taken down I get t reassemble things. Well that day is now upon me. I know that I could save myself a lot of grief but being a guy that's not my style.  

Today's links

Well here's a group of hearty souls who do not suffer from Triskaidekaphobia.

They may give five good reasons to go back to an MS browser but I will counter those five reasons with one, and that reason is... it's Microsoft.

What can one actually say about goat yoga that hasn't been said before? Goat yoga... wait, what?

Just for you, the Aussies now have their own version of the taco. Of course not to be outdone Taco Bell makes their counter move. Who knows where this will all end? Maybe this person does...

I remember having a conversation with cousin P from Germany when the VW emissions scandal broke. One thing that he said, which I found a little hard to swallow, was all the manufactures were doing it. Well  looks like his statement wasn't that far off base.

Would somebody please tell me how someone could actually think something like this was a good idea,
While the folks at Tesla Motors are making some progress. The issues in my mind are: a range of only 170 miles (273 Kilometers) on a flat surface, a minimum charging time of half an hour, questionable battery lifespan when subjected to the cold and what to do with a worn out battery pack. So this is not for me right now.

If you listen carefully you will be able to hear the faint sobs from Obama.

Meanwhile on the Conservative leadership battle ground we have another marksman who has successfully shot himself in the foot.

Yesterday was a good day in El Salvador where no murders were committed over a twenty four hour period. I figure they were awaiting the next shipment of ammo.

On that upbeat note I shall end today's post from up here North of Disorder.

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