Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Three things...

Yesterday was an interesting day. Weather wise we got around a half a foot of snow then rain followed by fifty mile an hour winds last night. Yest it was an interesting day. Last night sleep was a little elusive because of the howling outside. My wife thinks I'm a worrywart but when there are trees all around and most of them are ones that grow fast and die young, I worry. 

Our road, after the sanding
This morning I was up at the usual late time. I really couldn't go far because the road in front of our home was covered in ice. After cleaning up and taking some sustenance I tackled the first of three tasks I had assigned myself, clearing the crap from the driveway.  This took a while even though the snow was only three or four inches deep because it was thick and heavy. Seeing that the plow guy had put down a swath of sand I walked the Toro down to my mailbox and cleared it so the mail guy would have no excuse. One of the little things that made this easier was our neighbors L&T had got their snow guy to knock down some of the white stuff in front of the boxes. All I had to do was a little clean up and I was done. 

Seeing the road was no longer a skating rink thanks to the sand and the rising temperatures, next on the list was a quick trip into town. The trip was fine with the roads being clear and the sun shining it was nice to be out for a while. The place I had to visit was Canadian Tire. Lucky for me they actually had the stuff I was looking for. Then it was home for some lunch and on to my third task. I'm not going to go into a lot about what the third task was. I'm sure if I get into it your eyes will glaze over... Let's just say my third task involved firearms maintenance and leave it at that.

Today is the first day of trying the three tasks approach to getting things done. What I am now doing is writing down a list of three things I want to accomplish during the day. I figure less than three and why bother while more than three gives the appearance of piling on the work. I know it's only the first day but I'm happy.
Today's links
I read this and it put a smile on my face. Here's a person just trying to be the big man on campus with his 4WD and impress his friend. His off reading was going fine until he drove the jeep into the lake

I don't know who this prof is but I like her style even though there are those who believe: 
"This is a case where academic freedom should be quashed"
Speaking of academics, looks like the gang over at Oxford are in a panic about brexit. They figure enrollment will suffer and they will have to raise fees. 

Here is a way to relax in the country without paying an arm and a leg tax wise for it.  

Maybe it's just me but I don't think a group with the resources these folks have is shaking in their collective boots

Here's something that anyone with half a brain could have seen coming about police use of force

Having experienced this kind of breakfast it's not as strange as you might think. 

That's all I got for today from up here North of Disorder. 

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