Wednesday, 18 January 2017

The sound of ice...

Earlier I stepped outside to look at the extent of the ice on the trees. The first this that struck me was not the visual effect of trees covered in ice but rather the sound. With ever little breeze the tree limbs move and with that movement come a crinkling sound. As sounds go this almost feel ominous. 

The weathertainers had predicted the temp would rise a bit and the freezing rain would turn to simple rain. The weathertainer's prognostication didn't happen. The temp stayed constant and the freezing rain turned to freezing drizzle. 

Lucky for us there is nothing on the agenda which calls for our leaving the nest. The important things on my list are to have a bit of lunch then get to resume my work cleaning out the basement. Who knows, since the plow guy has been by and put some sand on the street I may just slide on down to our mail box. Today may just be the day I get a letter saying when the rock in my kidney will be taken care of.

Today's links
Life imitating art? Art predicting the future? You be the judge... 

The Central Intelligence Agency just managed to up stage wikileaks by making a data dump of it's own. Twelve million files on line for your viewing pleasure.

One of the places in the not so United States that an armed robber is ill advised to rob is a gun shop

Another step on the way to having Doctors armed with a Star Trek style medical Tricorder. Add in this little function and now we're talking some pretty cool stuff. 

In a little more than one day Mr. Obama will be gone.  It turns out that Obama's legacy isn't "Yes we can" it's more the twilight of American power

Now the American Republicans under Ryan on the other hand are just full of surprises and this has the gang in the Alberta oil patch worried. Paul Ryan's proposal should be worrying everybody but never fear, according to the Conference Board of Canada everything's fine. 

So far as Trump's coming reign I think the only one who actually has a handle on what may happen is Gwynne Dyer who says we all should take a Valium.

That's it for now, I'm off to resume my duties as a seller dweller cleaning up the mess I made.  So long from up here North of Disorder.

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