Monday, 30 January 2017

So much for being smug

Last night before I finally packed it in my wife, who was playing her game, paused and asked me what was going on in Quebec. I looked back at her and gave a little shrug and replied "I dunno." A quick search of the on line media and I found the first reports of the attack. 

In Quebec city a Mosque had been attacked. It was shot up while people were worshipping. First reports had two dead and the shooters were on the run. Shortly the butcher's bill rose to five and this morning the total was six. Add to this five more in critical condition and fourteen who have received minor injuries. Having been through an armed confrontation I can say while those injuries may be physically minor but the mental ones probably aren't. The memories of seeing friends butchered will stay in their heads, haunting them for a long time.
May the victims of this attack rest in peace

One of the shooters was caught quickly. The other got away but for whatever reason called police from fifty kilometres away. Shooter two told the police where he was and that he wanted to cooperate. On the plus side at least two of the bad guys have been caught. I say at least because there is always the chance there will be more of these cockroaches in the shadows. 

Well so much for being all smug and condescending about how well we Canadians get along verses other countries and their religious issues. So now the media is scrambling for information. An unnamed source has said the shooters were students at Laval University in Quebec City and one was of Moroccan origin. Witnesses to the shooting have stated that while the shooters were going about there work they were yelling "Allahu Akbar". Now whether these statements are true, only time will tell.

The media are right to say there is a tolerance issue in Canada and it's not surprising the issue came to the fore in Quebec. Of all the provinces the most intolerant and arrogant of  Canadians are those who live in La Bell Province. How can I judge them? I base my feelings on the way I was treated when I lived there. As an Anglo and a Protestant I was nothing more than a second class citizen. 

To say last night's events have disturbed and offended me comes nowhere near how I feel. What I feel is raw anger that someone could, in the name of religion, choose to end a life. While I may not be a fan of the Muslim religion I respect it and those who practise it. I also firmly believe in the non aggression principal. No one individual or group has the right to initiate violence against another group or individual because aggression is inherently illegitimate. As Evelyn Beatrice Hall wrote:

"I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it,"
I just wish that more people felt this way but it looks like I am in the minority. 

Soon there will be others who will probably take up the banner and try to smite the foe (who ever that is) in an attempt to exact retribution. There will be others who will use this horrible act to promote their agendas. Plus there will be a lot of hand wringing over the next few days. The only winners in all this will be the media bean counters who will see a slight bump in the viewers/readers. As for the rest of us, the dead and wounded in last nights horrific act are not the only victims. An act like this wounds us all, it is an injury to our humanity and tolerance for our fellow man.

That's it for me from up here... no, I  just can't right North of Disorder. Last night chaos came for a visit to my home and made my closing statement a lie.

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