Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Plow Guy's little gift

This morning started as most winter mornings start up he with a snow squall. I found this out just after leaving my nice and warm cocoon bed. So I did what every retired guy does, I crawled back under the covers hoping that the next time I braved the real world it wouldn't be as white.

later the sound of our coffee maker grinding beans woke me from this slumber so I went down for some sustenance. Then it was off to get ready for the world. While I was in the shower the plow guy made his way past our home. 

Our little gift
When I was all dressed and back downstairs, my lovely wife calmly told me the plow guy had left a "snow ball" at the end of the driveway. So I went and had a look and yes there was the "snowball." So now i was in a bit of a quandary, should I hold off because more snow was expected or go out and deal with it. 

This will give you a sense of the size
After getting the Toro started I took it down to the end of the drive and started to clean things up.It took a bit of body english with the Toro but that snowblower chewed through the snow/ice ball like a hot knife through butter. Once the snow/ice ball was taken care of I figured what the heck and carried on with the cleaning up. In fifteen minutes I had the drive way cleared and the Toro gassed up ready for the next snow dump. With the snow squalls being the way they are around here I figure that could be anytime soon.
All done... for now

One of the nice things I got to experience this morning while I was out with the Toro was the first serious test of a Christmas gift. My bro-in-law P had been bugging me about what I wanted the jolly fat guy to leave under the tree, so I said ski goggles. I've go to say that for anybody who has to use a snow blower when it's windy these are great. They keep the snow from blinding you while using a  heavy hunk of equipment and that's a good thing. 

Links just for you. Some fun, some not so much so use your own discretion.

I read this little story and the first thought I had was somebody has finally listened and these guys are getting the training that is needed to deal with situations like this. It's nice to see a situation where the first move isn't to draw a gun.

I would call this a simple oops if it were not for the fact criminals look for information like this. Somebody is going to get a talking to because of the violation of PIPEDA I suspect. Oh well I guess it could have been a lot worse as these guys know.  I remember calling the long gun registry the "home shopping club for criminals" which it is.

Here's a kid that got a wonderful doohickey to ward of sharks. The magnetic doohickey works wonderful except when the person who has it on jumps off his surfboard onto the shark, then...

A little late for Christmas but for the person who likes their place to smell like a bar there is this...

Guess who just became a mom at 50. Well here is one kid who will never want for anything.

A long time ago I used to watch a Brit comedy named Faulty Towers. I knew this was comedy and not the way to run a business but there are others who haven't made that distinction. Remember if you run a bad business it's not a good thing to threaten legal action over a bad review.

Well that's it from up here in the Great White North. 

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