Friday, 6 January 2017

Old Friends...

Oh my goodness another day has come and it looks like I will not be using the snow blower. Looking out I noticed there was this huge orb in the sky. I Googled what the orb could be and it just might actually be the sun. That can't be right, with all the warnings about doom and gloom the weathertainers are pumping out you would think there never will be a sunny day again. It don't matter what's going on outside I have no plans to leave my warm cozy nest today unless I have to. 

Earlier I finished an email to an old friend from the place where once I earned a living. That's the funny thing about old friends, We haven't had any contact in around a year then I sent a seasons greeting and it's like no time has passed at all. My friend D was and is one of the good ones. My only hope is that D manages to not get stuck in a soul sucking rut where she is and manages to move up or out. This person has so much potential and talent it would be a shame to see it go to waste. 

Here are a few links for you...

Nothing like having a shower and grabbing a cold one to start the day. If this catches on don't be surprised to see RIDE checks on the way to work in the morning. 

Ah life is good, really. If you don't believe me then go take a look. Even with all the constraints that have been placed on companies by our Canadian government things are still looking up.  

Well life is good unless you are in the restaurant industry where a bubble is about to pop

Having done three and a half decade in the security industry every time I see something like this I cringe.

Then there are the thieves you can't catch, well if you closed the door the options would be limited for the bad... er, guy.

Remember the last presidential election in the not so United States? Well the next one may be a little worse if the guy who controls the platform where 44% of Americans get all their news from decides to make a run.

That's all I got for today from up here North of Disorder.

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