Sunday, 29 January 2017

Oh my goodness it's early

Outside our home just
before pulling in.
Last night we were out bound to the wannabe city where we met a friend for dinner. The grill was turning out some real good food and dinner was great. The only issue about the meal was the size. There was enough food on our plates to feed a small village. 

All the while we were there it snowed. It snowed on the way in making the drive mildly concerning. During the meal I kept glancing out the windows at the snow. After an hour and a half, knowing how the town and township are stingy with their snow removal cash, we headed for home. The drive home wasn't too bad. It looked like a lot of folks had taken the advice of the weathertainers and stayed off the streets.

Last night, with a full belly, I hit the hay around eleven and was fast asleep by eleven oh one. Of course my body had to betray me. I was wide awake around six so after laying there cursing my body's inevitable betrayal I got up. 

In the quiet dark of the early morning I had a bite to eat then took a look around for the missing Tilley Hat. I had all but given up finding it when way back in my noggin a dim light came on. While I had checked (or thought I had checked) the main closet, this time I took a look between the coats. Sure enough there was the hat. It had fallen down from the shelf and was wedged between two coats. I know it's a little thing but finding the hat with fishing license inside means not having to replace the card.

Today's links
Have you ever been so against something that you have pledged to cut off your nuts if it happened? Well these guys have and all I can say is on the plus side if the follow through their genes will be removed from the pool. 

El Presidente Trump's anti free trade, protect America jobs stance is nice but there are unintended consequences. He just gave the candy shop keys to the Chinese when he pulled out of TPP. 

Recently the Atomic Scientists moved the Doomsday clock to two and a half minutes before midnight. One person who agrees with the Atomic Scientists is Mikhail Gorbachev who firmly believes the world is on the path to war. All this worry could be for nothing if you believe what this Russian scientist has said. The astronomer thinks the world is going to get hit with a serious sized asteroid in February.

Our Prime Minister AKA The Chosen One recently did a series of town hall meetings with the great unwashed public. The aim was to show he had their best interests at heart and to boost his ratings. It didn't work... 

That's all I got for now. Until tomorrow bye for now from up here North of Disorder.

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