Saturday, 21 January 2017

No boom today...

The left's punishment of an inanimate object
for Trump's win
Since the American election it's been rather interesting as an outsider watching the snowflakes on the left go through their tantrums. For them Trump is unworthy to be in the oval office. 

Lets not forget the left's prognostications of doom and gloom. To listen and read some of the stuff written one would think his arrival was the opening phase of Armageddon. The left forgets two things, he came to be in office via the democratic process and people rise to the occasion.

Yes, yes I know all about the suspected Russian involvement. Well it looks like they are as afraid of Trump as the left wing snowflakes are although not in the same way.

It's been twenty four hours since Donald Trump was sworn in and the world is still intact, there has been no boom. As Susan Inanova* once said "No boom today. Boom tomorrow. There's always a boom tomorrow"

Like the fictional space station Babylon 5, here on this big old rock we all live on there's always a boom tomorrow. But until that boom effects me I will be here North of Disorder enjoying today. 

* Fictional character on a TV show called Babylon 5.

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