Thursday, 12 January 2017

Links day...

This morning after the usual, I put to paper the three things I wanted to get done today. They all revolved around going into town so after the morning evolution was finished we were off and running.  

Winter in the country
While we were in town the first stop was to pick up some medications. You know what they say, better living through better chemistry. There was a bit of delay at the pharmacy because of my new plan but it got sorted out quick enough. The lady was telling me I was one on the lucky ones, the company I worked for had changed insurance carriers and there were a lot of issues with the switch. Then we were off to get I few items at the grocery store. Zip, zip and we were on the way home and not a moment too soon. Where the last day and a half saw higher temperatures and rain, things had changed and it was the white stuff coming down from the heavens.

We got back from the semi small town, got the stuff sorted out and put away then I looked at he to-do list. According to the list that's it for my day unless something else comes up. 

Today's links
Looking outside at the snow and seeing this I'm reminded that some folks aren't as lucky as we are in dealing with the white stuff.  Well at least there is the option of putting some coffee on to warm up.

There are some interesting times ahead with the advent of things like driver-less vehicles and other forms of automation.

One thing out bringer of light and joy in Ottawa fails to understand is the legality of his actions is not the main issue, it's the optics of taking a favour from a guy who runs and organisation that gets federal funding.

Whenever I see stories about the plight of Venezuelans and how bad it is I can't help but wonder what will it take before the people rise up?

You would think with all these sightings the cops would be able to catch these guys, but nooooo... 

Well that' all I got for now from up here North of Disorder.

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