Monday, 2 January 2017

Links day

Up an at 'em as per normal, this day has begun like any other. It looks like weather wise we have had a bit of a reprieve with the sun being the dominate factor in the sky. I like this a lot better than when it's grey and overcast like it was last week. The temp is actually above freezing by a degree or two so after this is done I'm going to head out with the snow shoes and tromp around a bit. 

Oh ya, I promised you some links, well here they are...

Now that we are into 2017 there are a couple of anniversaries that are going on. On this date one hundred and fifty years ago Canada came into being. One of the ways to celebrate this will be using all the Canadian national parks for free. Meanwhile in Germany they are celebrating the five hundredth anniversary of Martin Luther, the guy who started the ball rolling for the Protestant Church. 

 Always remember folks that when you try to dress a pitbull in a sweater, it could get ugly

It's always good to have a plan B. In the case of this teen the plan B was a cow when her parents would not get her a horse

Pros as good as these guys don't make rookie mistakes like this. So was this a case of the bad guys wanting to be discovered to send a message or was this a little black flag operation? *

Ummm Captain, I think you dropped something... 

Here just for you is a recap of last year from A to Z in pictures... 

People will do anything for that perfect selfie... 

I don't know who the people are that changed the Hollywood sign but I like 'em. 

I was surprised to learn that something good from cap and trace can actually happen. This isn't in Canada yet but who knows what the future will bring. Oh who am I kidding carbon tax and cap & trade money will just be pissed away.

That's all I got so from up here North of Disorder I bid you good day.

*Turns out that the story was embellished some what by the Washington Post.  

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