Sunday, 8 January 2017

Learning curve of food

Last night we went over to a friend's place for dinner and drinks. Of course being the responsible one, the drinks I consumed were good old water. I was the one who would later be driving home. That whole getting caught and loosing your driver's license, going to court, fines and paying a lot more for insurance just doesn't appeal to me any more. 

Our friend S loves to experiment on her guests food wise, not Dr Frankenstein wise, which has made for some interesting meals. Last night we had rabbit food a garden salad and cannoloi with home made pasta. Dinner was great and watching the prep plus tossing in the occasional non helpful comment was fun. It was actually cool watching the production of the pasta in the pasta maker. Not cool enough to buy one but cool nevertheless. 

During the course of watching the ladies build dinner, for what ever reason the subject of kumquats came up. It turns out I had never had, let alone seen one and, of course, S had a small basket of them. 

She gave me one and said try it. I looked at the midget orange in my hand thinking how do I get out of this when friend S tells me "Oh, just pop it in your mouth, you don't even have to peel it." Looking at the kumquat I shrugged and popped it in my mouth and bit down. The taste was, um... not exactly what I have been used to. Kinda like taking a bite out of an unpeeled orange with a little lemon tossed in for luck... But good though.

The reason that I found the concept of kumquats so funny was the name reminded me of this scene from an old WC Fields movie. WC Fields is trying to take care of a customer's order for kumquats while dealing with a blind guy prowling around his store destroying displays. I watched it again this morning and it is as funny now as it was the first time I watched the movie years ago.

With dinner done and desert served we simply chatted about a wide range of subjects and the ladies had more wine while I had more water. We had to leave earlier than I would have liked because of an impending snow squall headed our way. 

S is one of those friends we have had for decades, the kind where the gaps between interaction can be as long as months. Even after long times between visits, when we see her it's like there was no gap in the interaction at all. 

Today's links
Finally Ontario is No.1 in something. Ontario levies the highest tax on the top wage earners in Canada, ya! The only little wrinkle is that it's the top earners who actually create the jobs and they are shrinking in number

I guess that guns are becoming passe with the terrorist set. Now the weapon of choice seems to be large trucks. I guess the next response will be serious background checks and waiting periods for potential drivers. 

Yesterday there was a mass shooting in Florida at the Fort Lauderdale airport which is a gun free zone. The bad guy had the gun and ammo in his checked luggage. he went to the washroom took out and loaded the gun then went out and started blazing. Now the knee jerk responses have started and calls to review transporting checked firearms have begun. Sigh... As trucks mowing over folks and killing them have demonstrated, a ban on transporting guns in locked cases will only result in the bad guys finding something else

North Carolina gets an inch of snow and the state is paralyzed. Nova Scotia gets 18 inches of snow and copes. Meanwhile in Ontario... we have winter at it's finest. 

This is an example of a politician who  should keep his mouth shut. It's always better to be thought of as possibly stupid as opposed to opening one's mouth and removing any doubts. Oh and if you think this guy is right, you may want to look at this.  

That's it from me for today from up here North of Disorder.


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