Thursday, 26 January 2017

It's all good, really...

Because of various factors I haven't been sleeping well. As a chronically tired person there are times when I would like to chew someones head off. Occasionally I do but mostly I don't. Today was one of those days where I wanted to rip somebody a new a-hole but didn't. 
It's thinking of visuals like this that keeps me sane...

After finally drifting off to sleep late last night my day started with a phone call at oh-my-goodness it's early (9:18 AM). I picked up the phone and a female voice asked if would like to partake in a survey. I didn't reward the caller with a reply, I didn't rip her head off, I simply hung the phone up.  My day was started...

After being on line for a while the phone chirped again. Knowing that 99.99% of the phone calls we get are for my wife I have adopted the procedure of letting her answer it. Of course when there still is a 0.01% chance of the call being for me eventually my number will come up. My wife gave me the phone and again I spoke with a female voice. It was the assistant at the specialist's office calling as a follow-up to see if the hospital had contacted me about getting rid of the infernal kidney stone. 

Once again I was polite and answered her questions but inside I was seething. I'm coming up for the first anniversary of the start of the pain from this stone. A pain that never goes away now. A pain that increases should I exercise. A pain that, for the last year, has had me slowly going bonkers. Arrggg... Well on the plus side at least now I know that something will be done. Hopefully sooner rather than later. It's all good, really...

Today's links

Looks like the Chinese have their own Wrong Way Corrigan. This guy took his bicycle and was on the road going home for a month before finding out he was headed the wrong way.  

Mr. Trump has made good with his threat of a wall between his country and Mexico. To say the least the Mexicans are not happy with this development. Not to be outdone we up here in Canada have our own take on the wall.

OK ask yourself this: How far would you let your hairstylist go in giving you the perfect look?

There are still a few prognosticators who are looking to the year ahead and predicting things. One of those to pay attention too is this guy, having received the Nobel prize for economics he may just know a thing or two. As for Canada's future, all we have to worry about is if "Da Boss" changes his mind about us. 
This is the kind of thing that can really get out of hand, thank goodness the missile had a fail-safe

I saw this and the first thought I had was this person was the fall guy for the alleged Russian hacking. Now I wonder if it's been found out that he was the source of the American intelligence about the Russian hacks. I also find the timing of this arrest strange as it comes so close after Mr. Trump was briefed on the Russian hacks. Hummm... I know this is what happens when you have too much time on your hands.

That's about enough from up here North of Disorder.

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