Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Ice, a pretty cool thing

I finally got to see a movie I was wanting to see called The Arrival last night. Lucky for me the movie lives up to it's expectations. Funny thing about it was noticing some of the scenes that were in the promos but not in the flick. It was a... ahem... thought provoking movie nevertheless. 

All is right with the world
When I finally turned out the lights last night the weathertainers were prognosticating a TEOTWAWKI ice event. The warnings were serious enough that my wife had even rescheduled two appointments she had for today. When I woke up this morning I was happy to see that, aside from a little ice on some of the tree branches and the windows of our truck, it was life as normal. The heat was working, the power was on and life was good. 

What didn't happen today
Funny thing about the weathertainers they are caught between a rock and a hard place. On one side if they don't put out the warnings and something happens they are crucified. One the other side when the do put out the warnings and nothing happens they are crucified. Add to this that as a part of the news organization which the bean counters have decreed shall make a profit and you have the perfect storm (pun intended) of media embellishment.

Today's links

A while ago a person at a Gay Pride parade was taken out by a drone that crashed into her. Time passes... Latest word is that the drone operator has been smacked in court for his incompetence. 

If you are a science fiction geek like me I'm sure you have heard the command "deflectors up." Well the command "deflectors up" might not be in the realm of science fiction for too much longer. 

I read this and was surprised Washington DC wasn't on the top of the list

Good news for farmers in California who, under law, have to reduce the amount of methane created by their cows.  

And this is what the Canadian military wanted to buy? Overpriced junk

The British wants a simple out from the EU while the folks in Germany say good luck with that. 

Here at home the natural ruling party is seeing a downwards trend in support

I have often wondered how a little thing like making a tweet can make such an impact. Well I guess if the twit doing the tweet is Trump it's self explanatory. 

I'm going to really have to get out and check my lottery tickets, who knows I might win just enough to make a bid on one of these.  

Say... isn't this the way one of the planet of the apes movies started

So you really don't like the way your boss meters out punishment? Well it could always be worse

And here we have one last link that I dedicate to my big bro W who is a computer Luddite.

That's enough for me from up here North of Disorder.

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