Sunday, 1 January 2017

Happy New Year, why yes it is.

Happy New Year and happy it is in this part of the world anyway. My wife and I watched the celebrations last night from the comfort of our nice warm home. At midnight we made the obligatory phone calls to wish friends and family all the best and toasted in the new year. We stayed up drinking mimosa cocktails until around 2 in the AM then it was off to la la land.  Even with the booze coursing through my veins I found it hard to drift off. My thoughts kept coming back to the snow blower.

The sun dawned this first morning of 2017 bright and the shy was a brilliant blue. After getting the important things out of the way (coffee) and finishing my other chores I headed out to do battle with the Toro. 

After I posted the results of my efforts to fix the beast yesterday, I got a messages from a friend and from my Big Bro W. They were almost identical in their assessment of the issue with the Toro and they were both wrong.  They both thought the issue was with shear pins for the augers when in fact it was with two  missing bolts. These two bolts connect the impeller to the drive shaft and without them the impeller will not turn meaning the snow will not leave the chute. 

This morning I got real lucky, after making my way out to the found a pair of suitable bolts.  After taking suitable safety precautions I started to work on the snow blower. The first issue I had to overcome was the impeller was frozen. Out came my wife's hair dryer and after a few minutes that issue was solved. With the impeller turning freely I was able to get the holes to line up and feed the bolts through, With that done it was just a simple matter of tightening the nuts as much as possible. One thing that I didn't find were some lock washers to keep the nuts in place so tomorrow I'm off to the hardware store for some. When I get them I will install them on the machine. 

It took the better part of forty five minutes to get the driveway clear enough to use. In the past couple of days the accumulation has been around a little under a foot or so. Add to this the pile of snow that has hardened at the end of the driveway and clearing this up was a good workout. 

When I got the driveway done I took the walk down to the mail box and cleared it out so the mail guy could make his rounds. Gone are the old days of "Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds." Today it's all about speed. If they can't get the mail into the box from their driver's seat then they don't deliver. Ah country life...

Well that about raps up my latest tail of daring do, so from up here North of Disorder I bid you good day.


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