Friday, 20 January 2017

Butt draging...

I've been rather lethargic so far today, not sure if it's from external or internal issues. Internally, I had to take some melatonin last night and that could (but probably isn't) still be working it's way out. Externally it could be the effect of how I feel about what's going on south of the border. Today marks the turning of the first page of the second chapter in the dystopian novel we are living right now thanks to the American voters.   

Here's a pretty sunrise for you to show that things aren't that bad...
I managed to get the basement squared away late yesterday and now that it's all cleaned up there's the little matter of dragging out my ice fishing gear. Silly, silly me I wasn't even thinking about it when I put the stuff away. Why am I thinking about it now? A little earlier I got an email from my bro W about some of the logistics for the up coming "Boys politically incorrect get away." Looks like the trip is shaping up to be a good time. Personally I still would rather spend the time in Vagas where the only ice to worry about is in our drinks, but hey that's just me.  

Today's Links

All I have to say about this is it's a good thing the British cops don't generally carry guns... 

I never did like that Hitchcock movie called The Birds so I shall not be visiting Ottawa any time in the near future.

Ah WW2, the gift the keeps on giving. But meanwhile at the film shoot, the show must go on.

The more people agitate to raise the minimum wage the more of this we will see

I guess this guy thought he had checked in at the Ritz Carlton

One small step for man, one little high for mankind.   

Having had the experience of working in the military I think the reports are greatly exaggerated. The most likely reason for this was so they could have a pee break.  

Looks like somebody is finally getting a handle on our Prime Minister of sunny ways. 

Once again we see that is just is not possible to fix stupid

A long time ago when I was a kid there was a TV show called the Littlest Hobo starring a dog named London. Well it looks like London's legacy continues... 

Well it's time for me to get my butt in gear so that's it from up here, North of Disorder.

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