Thursday, 19 January 2017

A shiny or two

Just got back from the semi big city. It was one of those kill "several birds with one stone" trips. My lovely wife had an appointment and I wanted to get an item in town so we merged our resources and took the drive.

Stop one was to let my lovely lady off at where her appointment was and carry on my merry way. Stop two was to visit Cabela's and pick up a new shiny for "Da boys politically incorrect weekend" a trip I will be on in a few weeks. I'll be heading north to the middle of nowhere Ontario where I will spend four glorious days pretending to ice fish. 

Being the rough outdoors type I am, I'm bringing my personal confuser, a DVD player and a thirty two inch TV. To power all this I will also be bringing my little 98 pound Yamaha 2600 watt generator. The easiest way to move the generator around will be on my new shiny, an ice sled. Last year my bro-in-law P brought his generator and an ice sled so I already know how well this combo works. 

I've been meaning to pick a sled up for a while now but the cost held me back. At Cabela's the cheapest one was listed at $49.99 plus tax and I figured for a hunk of plastic this was a little much. My game plan was to hold off till February and if the sleds were not on sale by then I would forget about buying and go to plan be, borrow one. 

This morning I just happened to get the email flyer and sure enough there was the sled at $29.99 and  I could even hitch a ride with my wife. Once I was at the cash the lady rand up the price as $49.99 which I quickly corrected with the use of my smart phone and then internet.  Then I was off to refresh our stock of coffee and pick up my wife. 

On the way home there was one other stop to make and that was to pick up an item I ordered from Amazon, a bipod for my MVP. Of course the ten year old took control of me when I entered our domicile. I just had to mount the bipod on the rifle even though it will be a few more months until I get to the range. 

Today's links
It is going to be interesting when the reality of the kind of job losses in the not so United States becomes clear to The Donald. It really isn't jobs going to other countries, it's automation.

In Chicago only the bad guys and the police have guns, but I repeat myself... 

Here is a suggestion that is just to smart so of course it will not be done. 

With the protectionist attitude of the new folks in Washington this brought a smile to my face for the the irony. 

You know maybe if the price does come down buying these could be a good deal. 

Maybe we have hit peak oil... 

Well until tomorrow that's all from me North of Disorder.

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